• Marquis Allen

Introduction from Marquis: HELLO WORLD!

It occurs to me that one of the best ways to know where someone is going is to look at where they’ve been. That said, I would like to state the following:

I’ve always loved technology. Even as a kid. ESPECIALLY as a kid.

I mean, growing up smack dab in between the Space Age and the Information Age, I was bombarded with messages of how cool and fun technology could be (not to mention practical applications thereof. Like video games. Playing electronic games on the TELEVISION. Insert tiny brain explosions here).

Star Trek promised us transporters and starships, Buck Rogers promised us rocket packs— I couldn’t wait for the 21st century to get here so I could have an android butler and a self-driving car, just like George Jetson.

Fast-forward to adulthood; I actually own an android, but it fits in my pocket, and self-driving cars… Well, let’s just say I’m still waiting for them to come down to my price range. Needless to say, we are in some exciting technological times.

I think these formative experiences helped to shape me into the technophile I am today. As an IT professional for the past 20 years, I’ve had the great opportunity to work with some innovative organizations serving in interesting and satisfying roles. When I transitioned into the clinical IT space 13 years ago, my fascination for the possibilities of what technology could do was piqued by my introduction to the complex problems that clinical practices face in leveraging technology to care for patients in the 21st century. I’ve definitely found my niche.

I appreciate the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for innovations in technology, particularly as it affects healthcare, and I invite you to follow along with my observations, opinions and experiences in this blog. I’m a big fan of telemedicine solutions, Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the list goes on. Mostly though, I’m a big fan of human ingenuity. I hope that, through sharing ideas and information in this forum, you will be as well.



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